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G - Force Sound

  • Reggae, Dancehall, Ragga
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    G-Force is operating since more than 14 years in Germany at the maximum level.
    Driven and influenced by the early Reggae Music, G-Force have established themselves as a Soundsystem widely known for their originality and fidelity.

    After traveling to Jamaica in 1993, Romano, Zumo and Don originally founded the ”International Crew of G”, renaming it to ”G-Force Sound“ three years later. Enhanced by Zip of former ”Champion Sound” in 1997, the line-up has not changed eversince.

    At their homebase, the Bahndamm, a venue of international Reputation, G-Force regularly organize Reggae/Dancehall events. Moreover, they are booked nationwide to venues in towns like Cologne, Düsseldorf, Wuppertal, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Freiburg , Flensburg, Siegen, Wiesbaden, Duisburg, Munich, Augsburg, Udine, Milan, Lecce, Pescara, Bucarest, Prag, Stockholm etc.

    Colaborations with Gentleman, Patrice, Lee Perry, Cutty Ranks, Warrior King, Bushman, Abysisinians, Top Cat, Chico, Michael Rose, SudSoundSystem, Dr. Ring Ding, Daddy Freddy, Macka B, NikitaMan, Black Kappa, Brothers Keepers, Jahmeek, Tolga, General Levy, Kimoe, The Movement, David Rodigan, Killamanjaro, Massive B, Mighty Crown, Freddie Krueger, Pow Pow etc.

    Since the nineties, G-Force have also founded the G4S Music Agency, connecting the local scene and attracting international acts e.g. Freddy Krueger, Ricky Trooper, Dr.Ring Ding and Chico.

    Since 2003 with a new European Homebase in South East Romania/Bucarest.
    Since 2007 with a new European Homebase in South Spain/Huelva.
    G-Force suggest to control there buisness tight/straight and is a garant for a explosive Dance, fully loaded with
    Foundation, Dancehall, Roots, Reggae and nuff nuff Dubplates.

    weitere Infos unter : G4S Music

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